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Phoenix and Wolfe

A soulful fusion of Irish and Brazilian mystique,

wonder & charm.

"A sensual mixture of Irish soul and Brazilian heart. So beautiful and exotic.  I was hooked from the minute I heard them." - Dora Gola

Phoenix and Wolfe are a soulful fusion of Irish and Brazilian mystique, wonder and charm. Amanda Shannon a native of Ennis and Cairo Rocha of Anápolis Brazil, have been cultivating their style over the last few years. They perform their music in 432HZ, considered the healing sound of nature. Creating conscious and playful lyrics composed in English, Irish or Portuguese one can expect something beautiful, true, explorative and sensual, as each piece is a considered, distinctive, loving and an intentional choice from this duo. Listeners will be seduced from the start, as they are carried into another realm, where their sound develops in such a way as to wrap itself around you weaving a spell that stays with you long after the show has finished. A very unique and powerful duo, definitely ones to watch for 2023 after a bustling year in 2022. So if you spot one of their shows upcoming do take that chance to go!

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Upcoming Events

  • Originality Clare
    Sat, 29 Apr
    Live Original Music from Phoenix and Wolfe, new songs will be on show in this show that haven't been performed live yet!
  • Féile Housing Ennis
    Sat, 22 Apr
    Féile Housing – A Community Arts Festival in Celebration of Home: ‘An Tí is Where do Chroí is’
  • Féile Housing 2023
    Sat, 11 Mar
    Féile Housing is a pioneering community arts festival in celebration of home. Connecting and empowering our communities to support each other & put the heart back into "home".
  • Voice Progress Presents- Student Showcase
    Sat, 17 Dec
    Voice Progress Presents- The Student Showcase The Attic -Doolin Hotel
  • The Yellow Submarine
    Sun, 04 Dec
    Come join us as we play our original music and some covers too. This will be a unique set with Cairo also playing some Brazilian Chord melodies from the amazing Kiko Loureiro and Gamela, with Amanda singing songs in Irish.
  • La Mansarda -Cobblestone Pub, Dublin
    Sun, 27 Nov
    In support of PIC this show will bring together featured artists to display their own music.
  • Shannon Live!
    Wed, 16 Nov
    A great night of music with North of Fortitude, Adam Moloney, Phoenix and Wolfe!
  • The Show Off Sessions
    Sun, 11 Sept
  • Cuppa Tea TV Presents
    Tue, 14 Jun
    The Attic- Hotel Doolin
    Supporting Sonny Casey- Phoenix and Wolfe bring their fusion of Brazilian Heart and Irish Soul to the stage.
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